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Suspension Lift and Lower

Suspension Lift and Lower

Achieve the perfect ride height with Wheelroc's suspension lift and lowering services, tailored to your specific vehicle and preferences.



Elevate your vehicle's style with Wheelroc's selection of custom wheels, offering a wide range of sizes, finishes, and designs to suit your unique taste.



Discover superior traction and performance with Wheelroc's extensive range of high-quality tires, available in various sizes and tread patterns to suit your vehicle and driving needs.

Noisy Suspension

Noisy Suspension

Put an end to the annoying noises coming from your suspension with Wheelroc's specialized service that diagnoses and resolves the cause of noisy suspensions.


Bed Covers and Train Horns

Transform your truck with our range of bed covers for added security and functionality, or make a bold statement with train horns that demand attention.

LED lights

LED Lights

Illuminate your vehicle and enhance its aesthetics with our LED lights, including rock lights for off-road adventures and eye-catching ring lights for a customized look.

Steps and Running Boards

Steps and RUnning boards

Upgrade your ride with our expert installation of electric steps, running boards, and stationary running boards. Enjoy effortless access and a sleek, stylish look.